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Dining Room Set

I needed a dining room “set”, but didn’t have a couple hundred dollars to spend on it, so i improvised.  I like mine better anyway!  

First, I bought 5 different chairs from Goodwill/ Habitat REstore, for about $5 each. It took a couple weeks for them to get 5 different ones that I liked.  I wanted them to all be armless, with a cushion, and with a cool structure for the back.  

I took all the cushions off and primed, then painted each chair the same color.  (It only took a little bit to do all of them because I borrowed a compressor and paint sprayer to do it!) 

Then, I bought about 4 yards of fabric.  I laid each cushion upside down on the fabric and cut a big enough square.   I then just used a staple gun to recover them.  Took about 20 minutes.  

Then, i re-attached the cushions.  Chairs done!

Next, for the table.  I had an old kitchen table of my parents’ that they saved for me when I went to school. But I also saw a lot of cool ones for about $20 at thrift stores. I kept the legs their natural wood color. I mixed chalk paint to make a really pretty grey and painted the top.  You can use it like a chalkboard, but I decided to wax it so that I could put glasses on top without fear of leaving a ring- no coaster OCD!  

It took two coats of paint and two coats of wax, then I buffed the wax off.  

I spread this project out over a few days, but the total amount of time was no more than one afternoon.   For a day and about $30, I had a new dining room set!

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